"The interaction within the trio is precise and dense. However, it also brings a lot of space, letting the authoritative statements from all three members to shine through the soundscape." (Olav Opsvik - Jazznytt).

" Med utgangspunkt i Kongsberg, Åndalsnes og Tsjekkia har trioen KIAP kommet sammen og skapt noe de er helt aleine om. " (Tor Hammerø).

"... at times the trio KIAP gave me associations with 1970s European avant-garde. Powerful, beautiful and with feeling." (Johan Hauknes). 

"..,the extraordinary performance by the musicians who somehow knows how to control the emotions of the audience…" (Jazz Filharmonia- Gliwice, Poland, Concert Review). 

“ … KIAP, thats amazing! I felt John Zorn in their music!” (Junya Hirano). 


Magnus S. Eide / drums
Michal Wroblewski / alto saxophone
Magnus J. Grimnes / electric guitar


The trio operates in a musical world that combines bitonality, polyrhythm and polymetric. In Norway KIAP one of very few bands that focuses seriously on working with this kind of music, and is considered to be an outstanding representative for this. The music is at times very energetic and outgoing, and pulling inspiration from European classical music, rock, jazz, metal, contemporary and American avant-garde jazz. They musicians are known from other bands like Gúo, Isa, NilasaliN, VeVe, Eirik Svela quartet, Eide/Eberson/Bjørgo, Grey Patterns, Music with Z, E Converso and Michal Wróblewski Ensemble.

KIAP have been on the main program to Kongsberg Jazz Festival, Jazz Filharmonia in Gliwice (Poland) and Žižkov Meets Jazz in Prague and played on Norwegian stages as National Jazz Scene Victoria, Mr. Nilsen, MIR, Lille Salen Concert Series, Serendipfestivalen, ISA Brain Station, Kulturhuset in Oslo and Rauma Civic. In 2016 they made a foreign tour in Japan and played in several cities such as Tokyo, Kobe, Osaka, Fukuoka and Kyoto. KIAP was also in 2016 selected as a Norwegian contribution to the Oslo Jazz Festival: Nordic Showcase.

KIAP recently released their self-titled album "KIAP" on the Slovakian label Hevhetia. The plans for spring 2017 is a Norway/Denmark/Dutch-tour in collaboration with the renowned German woodwindplayer; Frank Gratkowski. Together they have recently recorded music that will become KIAP second plate.


Previous shows:
03.06.16 - Tokyo - Velvet Sun
04.06.16 - Kyoto - Socrates
06.06.16 - Osaka - Hokage
07.06.16 - Osaka - environment 0g
08.06.16 - Kobe - Big Apple
09.06.16 - Fukuoka - New Combo
10.06.16 - Tokyo - Apollo
11.06.16 - Tokyo - Test Tone Soup
17.08.16 Oslo Jazzfestival - Buzz-scene
18.08.16 Oslo Jazzfestival - HERR NILSEN
14.11.16 Zizkow meets Jazz - Kino AERO
22.02.17 - Jazz Evidence Energimølla, Kongsberg NO
13.03.17 - PØKK, Trondheim NO feat. Frank Gratkowski
14.03.17 - Blowout MIR, Oslo NO feat. Frank Gratkowski
15.03.17 - Vaktbua, Kristiansand NO feat. Frank Gratkowski
16.03.17 - Tou Scene, Stavanger NO feat. Frank Gratkowski
20.03.17 - Mandagsklubben, Copenhagen DK feat. Frank Gratkowski
21.03.17 - Splendor, Amsterdam feat. Frank Gratkowski
18.04.18 - Nasjonal jazzscene victoria, Oslo

10.05.18 - Stanica, Žilina
11.05.18 - Nástupište 1-12, Topolčany
12.05.18 - Elektrárňa, Piešťany
13.05.18 - Ponava, Brno
14.05.18 - Jazzdock, Praha


Photo: Orsi Varga

Photo: Orsi Varga

Magnus s. Eide

is one of the most busy jazz drummers from the young generation in Norway. For his universality and specific sound, he has been invited to many projects and recordings by the most known musicians in Norway.

Photo: Orsi Varga

Photo: Orsi Varga

Michal Wroblewski

is a Czech composer and saxophone player who lives in Norway. He leads 5 different bands in both Czech Republic and Norway and he has been touring with many different musicians all around the world.

Photo: Thor Egil Leirtrø

Photo: Thor Egil Leirtrø

Magnus J. Grimnes

From Kongsberg. Based in Oslo. Plays guitar.